Jessie is a writer who’s passionate about creative nonfiction, lyrical essays, and queer romance. She’s a professional nap taker and always enjoys a niche research interest.
Sophie is a writer of primarily fantasy stories and lyrical essays, and an avid reader of just about every genre (literally). She loves freediving, hiking, camping, and general outdoor activities. She is also probably eating Cheez Its right now.

Ell Huang (she/they)

Associate Editor

Emma McCoy (she/her)

Associate Editor

Emma McCoy (B.A. Literature) reads for Whale Road Review and Minison Project, and is a former EIC of Driftwood. She’s the author of “In Case I Live Forever” (Alien Buddha Press 2022), and her poem “An American Ode to Macy’s” (Museum of Americana) has been nominated for the Best of the Net 2024. She has work published in places and loves to make banana bread. Catch her on Twitter: @poetrybyemma Instagram: @emmawritesnreads

Meghan Coley (she/her)

Fiction Editor

Abigail holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and Philosophy from a small liberal arts college in Middle America and has previously been on staff at Relief Journal. She loves art that changes the way she sees the world and is passionate about supporting local literature. When she’s not collecting degrees, she can be found listening to Taylor Swift in the Taco Bell drive-through or monologuing about Nicholas Wolterstorff’s theory of rights.

Abigail Finch (she/her)

Nonfiction Editor

Denise has a Bachelor’s degree in Media Communication and a minor in Writing. She is a writer of fiction and a lover of silly stories that make her smile. She was born and grew up in France, and she loves to sing. You can often find her having a dance party in the bathroom, or wishing she could eat a baguette.

Jaden Goldfain (she/her)

Poetry Editor

Tony Le Calvez (he/him)

Open Genre Editor

Jaden is a poet fascinated by words that pull the inarticulable from both the writer and the reader. Her work has been published in Blue Marble Review, clandestine lit, Mag 20/20, among others. She loves Jesus, her friends, and people who either don't exist or don't know that she exists. Twitter (X?): @j_goldfain

Denise Magloire (she/her)

Social Media Manager

Josiah (Chip) is a writer who fancies braided essays, oversized tees, and any work that can make him weep incessantly. He grew up in a family of musicians and strong opinions in Colorado Springs, CO. He now lives in Ocean Beach where he can be found running along Sunset Cliffs, weeping incessantly, reading Rilke, or listening to underwhelming midwest emo. He hopes you like the website; he spent a long time making it. Instagram: @fallengrainofwheat

Josiah Roberts (he/him)

Art & Web Designer

Ell is an ace writer of fairytales published in 100+ different venues like Lucent Dreaming, Gingerbread House, and South Broadway Ghost Society. Their poem “Aromantic Jesus” (miniskirt magazine) was nominated for Best of the Net in 2021. They have been Managing Editor for Whale Road Review, Fiction Judge for Driftwood, and resource on Invisible Cake Society. She embraces tasteful horror and the whimsical gothic, and much of her work celebrates platonic love. And monsters.
Meghan has a Bachelor’s degree in Writing and a minor in Literature. She was born and raised in Southern California and is currently working on completing a Greek-mythology-inspired fantasy novel in her M.A. in Writing program. She can usually be found surfing, reading (duh), watching Studio Ghibli movies, eating dark chocolate, and listening to Laufey and Tchaikovsky.
Tony Le Calvez is an avid reader and music enthusiast. He has published articles on music in The San Diego Union-Tribune, SD Troubadour, and The Coronado News. You can contact him at or find him wandering Ocean Beach looking for snacks.

Sophie Cornwell (she/her)

Managing Editor

Jessie Taylor (she/her)


Katie Manning is a poet, professor of writing, and founding editor of Whale Road Review. She's the author of eight poetry collections, including Tasty Other, which won the Main Street Rag Poetry Book Award, and The Gospel of the Bleeding Woman, which she's enjoyed promoting in her Jesus costume. She also enjoys books, beaches, baked goods, board games, and alliteration. Find her online at

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